I love this amazing program and product! Not only have I seen amazing results with energy, hair, skin, immunity and inflammation but as an added bonus (without exercise or even really trying!) I lost 8 kgs and have been able to keep it off! Which is super exciting when our wedding is in a couple of months! I love that there is no dieting or deprivation involved and it is very holistic - all elements align with my values.



In Dec last year I had a miscarriage and experienced my first bout of anxiety attack’s. Since then I’d had them on and off but nothing too concerning until I found out I was pregnant again. We had a rough few weeks at the beginning and all of this built up crap managed to kick start my depression.

It took a couple of weeks before I realised that I had a problem. There were days where I couldn’t get out of bed. Even the smallest things like doing the dishes were a huge issue for me & I often found myself tired, sleepy and grumpy. There was no way I’d be able to be a good mum. Luckily with a bit of experience in the mental health sector & studying towards specialising in mental health at the moment, I knew that medication wasn’t a route I wanted to go down until I’d exhausted natural options.


I’m so fortunate that a friend of mine managed to introduce me to the Health Hub. She’d boasted about the extra boost that she got and I knew all I needed was a bit of motivation & to look after myself better. within a couple of weeks I noticed small changes. Doing the dishes weren’t an issue anymore, I wasn’t so tired and grumpy, & I could chase after my kids when they were up to no good. Eventually after that I wanted to take better care of myself . I started going back to the gym, I started craving better food and I also take more time for self care. 


Health Hub has literally changed my life and that of my family too. My kids were always on antibiotics for ear infections or always had bronchiolitis and we've been healthy for the last three months with none of this!


health hub
health hub

Before the Health Hub came into my life I was in a constant state of pain & fatigue due to my long battle of endometriosis. Over time this caused me to put on 20kg and my body eventually breaking down into a state of adrenal fatigue. Thanks to the health hub way of life that is no longer my reality, today my body thrives far beyond what I ever imagined to be possible. Thanks Health Hub you have truely changed my life!